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Counter Strike 2 Limited Test

🎮 Valve Takes a Major Step Forward with Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Expansion 🚀:
Fresh 💌 Invitations are Out and 🔄 Consistent Game Updates Indicate 🚦 We’re Nearing a Grand Full Release Celebration 🎉

Valve recently revealed that they’ve dispatched another batch of invites for the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test, expanding the closed beta’s reach.

This update about the fresh batch of invitations comes shortly after the Limited Test was made accessible to a broader segment of the gaming community. Just a week ago, Valve confirmed that a significant number of players, who met certain criteria, were welcomed to participate in the Limited Test.

For eligibility in the Limited Test, players need to possess Prime status in CS:GO, maintain an active skill group, and predominantly play their matches on Valve’s servers in eligible regions. This announcement was met with some frustration from players who often play on third-party platforms like FACEIT, as many lacked the in-game skill group, making them ineligible. However, with this recent set of invites, those who managed to secure a rank since the previous announcement might now find themselves eligible for the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test.

To ascertain if you’ve been selected in this latest invite round, launch CS:GO. If you’re among the chosen ones, a notification will greet you on the main menu, guiding you to install the Limited Test and dive into the gameplay.

In addition to broadening the player base for CS2, Valve has been diligently rolling out updates. Over the past week, CS2 has received four updates, encompassing everything from map modifications to matchmaking adjustments and even updates for in-game chickens.

Given Valve’s unpredictable nature, it’s hard to anticipate their next move. However, with the expansion of the CS2 Limited Test and the uptick in updates, it appears that a full game release might be on the horizon. If the trend of these invitation rounds continues, it won’t be long before the entire community gains access. The consistent updates hint at the developers’ commitment to refining the game, aiming for a swift and polished launch.