News out of nowhere, Quantum Prodigy has disbanded. They announced on the team’s social media channels that they “have to say goodbye to the full roster”. The team’s lineup was:

  • Costin “zrkk” Teodorescu
  • Iulian “FLVSH” Pirvulescu
  • Adelin “adeX” Nica
  • Dragos “xAHEN” Oloeru
  • Andrei “WaZz”
The Quantum Prodigy Team (Costin "zrkk" Teodorescu, Iulian "FLVSH" Pirvulescu, Adelin "adeX" Nica, Dragos "xAHEN" Oloeru, Andrei "WaZz") disbanded
Quantum Prodigy disbandED 2

Initially, Quantum Prodigy bought the RedFear Esports team roster and slot in the Romanian Esports League Season 3, in the second round. They stood out for the way they played in the REL qualifiers, the first stage and other tournaments preceding the competition. The initial lineup consisted of dan7, TONY77777, Ersin, zrkk and adeX. The latter 2 were also part of the current roster, zrkk leaving the organization for a short time, during which time he played for GameAgents. In REL 3, Quantum Prodigy finished in 7th place, with 4 wins and 5 losses. In the playoffs, they missed out on qualifying for the LAN stage in the last BO3 against GameAgents, so they finished 5-6 for the season. Quantum’s best results since the team was founded were:

  • 3rd place in Superbet Open 2021 – $1,150
  • 5th – 6th place in Romanian Esports League Season 3 – $500
  • 1st place in Ace X Icelandic Open 2021 – $3,500
  • 2nd place in Ghetto eGames Season 1 Cup 7 – $300

Zrkk announced on Twitter that he is looking for an international team, while his former teammates announced that they are looking for both a domestic and international team. WaZz had just been promoted to the main team after playing for the Quantum Flames academy. Andrei replaced eXe, who left the team 2 weeks ago.

Credits: Instagram Quantum Prodigy