GamerLegion (iM) results in Thunderpick
GamerLegion (iM) results in Thunderpick 6

GamerLegion (iM) results in Thunderpick

Thunderpick held a big Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, with some big team names on the roster. Organizations such as ForZe, Unique, BIG, Dignitas and Sinners, as well as the group that our Romanian Ivan ‘iM’ Mihai is in, GamerLegion, will be fighting for a $75,000 prizepool, in the form of virtual Bitcoin coins.

The competition format

The event is divided into three stages (Closed Qualifier, Swiss Stage and Playoffs). Sixteen teams compete for one of the eight spots leading to the Playoffs, where they will play in the final stage against the four organizations that will be invited to the competition.

Tournament prizes

  • 1st – 40.000$
  • 2nd – 20.000$
  • 3rd-4th – $4,500
  • 5th-8th – $1,500

GamerLegion in Thunderpick Bitcoin Series

So far two rounds of the Swiss Stage have been played, unfortunately, the Swedish-born team has not been successful in any of the matches.

GamerLegion vs SKADE5-16
GamerLegion vs Sprout13-16

GamerLegion’s surprise was Adrian ‘XELLOW’ Guta, who played stand-in for the team, in the match against Sprout, in place of Sean ‘eraa’ Knutsson, who had internet problems. So, they entered this competition with the following lineup:

  • Adrian ‘XELLOW’ Guta – AWPer (stand-in)
  • Sean ‘eraa‘ Knutsson – AWPer
  • Ivan ‘iM’ Mihai – Rifler (entry-fragger)
  • Patrik ‘Zero’ Žúdel – Rifler
  • Isak ‘isak’ Fahlén – Rifler (stand-in)
  • Alfred ‘RuStY’ Karlsson – In-game leader & Rifler

After the two rounds played the following ranking was formed:

screenshot 21 2

Individual results of our Romans (All maps)

  • GamerLegion vs SKADE
screenshot 33
  • GamerLegion vs Sprout
screenshot 35
screenshot 34

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